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There is no such thing a a cookie cutter approach to mentoring or discipleship, and our counseling is a part of those processes.

Each person is interviewed and evaluated to determine what kind of ongoing "issues" are in their life.  The difference between The Discipleship Center and your local Psychologist is that we do not focus only on treating issues, because those are only symptoms of deeper rooted needs such as 

  • Your relationship to God

  • Your relationship to others

  • Your relationship to yourself

And as such, we want to show our interns how to stop looking at the immediate issue, lift their head up and see what the real issues behind their struggles are.

We care deeply about each intern, and as such we treat each of them differently, in a personal way, in a way they need and deserve.



Whether it's for life direction or addiction recovery, each resident recieves the individual attention they need to succeed



"Idle hands are the devils workshop" has shown to be more than a cliche.  Productivity helps give life structure and balance.


God has given us the handbook to real success.  It's our responsibility to listen to him

Go Forward

After nine months with us, we encourage our clients to pursue work or college to go into the next step of their lives

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