Pastor Mitchel DeYoung

Studied at The Masters University, Kankakee Community College,, The Institute For Nouthetic Counseling, and currently at Christian Leaders Institute.  You can follow my progress in my Batchelors of Ministry degree here.

Ordained to the Pastorate and as a Minister of the Gospel by The Christian Leaders Institute.

An IT Professional by trade, but after three years as the assistant pastor at The Gift of God Street Church, I feel that there is more we can do to help equip people who want to be taught in how to live life as God intended, to break the cycle of generational poverty and homelessness, to see how our Lord Jesus Christ want's us to walk every day, to break addictions, and see broken lives renewed.

Mrs. Lauri DeYoung

Proud graduate of Faith Baptist Bible College in Ainkeny IA with her Batchelors of Teaching.

Lauri has been teaching at Grace Christian Academy of Kankakee for over 17 years in their Junior High Bible, Mathematics, and History as well as High School Home Economics classes.

In addition to being a teacher, Lauri is also an accomplished seamstress and a craft artisan.

Why The Farm?

That is the biggest question that we get asked all the time. 


Why would we leave town to live in the country? 


Why would we take troubled people into our home?

Why go through all the hassle of counseling these people, of training them, of helping with job placement?

The answer is very simple.  RESPONSIBILITY.

The word responsibility is a compound word derived from Response and Ability.  God has blessed me and my wife with the ability to teach and counsel.  The question has always been, what will our response be to what God has given us?

In the summer of 2017 we started thinking about how we want to live in our retirement years.  We are both country folk and we thought about moving out of Illinois and settling down somewhere in the country and spend our days sitting on the porch in rocking chairs, reading books and sipping ice tea.  However, God changed our heart and we have decided to forgo a traditional retirement and instead work at our mission until the time where we are too feeble to be of any use and then hope God takes us home at that point.

  • We are not just opening a homeless shelter to enable people to continue in an irresponsible lifestyle.

  • We are not just opening a rehab center to get people past their addictions.

  • We are not just opening a mental health center to counsel people with cognitive dysfunctions.

  • We are not just opening a training center for occupational training.

  • We are not just opening a work camp.

  • We are not just opening another church.

What we are doing is a little bit of each of those.  We are fulfilling The Great Commission, one life at a time.  We are taking the command to "go and make disciples", so seriously that we are dedicating the rest of our lives to this.  Teaching people who God is, who we are in relation to him, the problem of sin that we find ourselves in, the temporal and eternal consequences of these sins, Jesus sacrifice to take away the power and penalty of these sins, and how God wants us to live a productive life as one of his ambassadors...  this and much more is what it takes to make a disciple of Jesus Christ.  This is a huge time commitment, financial commitment, and spiritual commitment.

How could two possibly do all this?  We can't, but God can!  We are trusting that if we throw everything we have into following God's command that He will reward us by making this possible.

Just Give Me Jesus - Her Heart Sings
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