Charity Without Compassion

Charity, the act of showing love. We often associate charity with the giving of alms, or donations to the local food bank or homeless shelter. The practice is uniquely middle eastern, and brought to the western world with the advance of Christianity. However, with the spreading plague of socialism, the act of charity has been taken out of our hands, or more literally stolen from our pocketbooks and put into the hands of government. With the widespread abuse and misuse of our welfare and social security systems, it's hard to even think about giving more to charity organizations. The liberal socialists would like you to believe that as a society, we owe a living to everyone despite their ab

Follow Your Calling

One of the hardest thing about starting a new ministry is staying on track. Whether you call it a calling, or a response to prompting, or obedience to the Lord, at some point you got the notion that you would pursue ministry in some direction. No sooner has the desire been birthed in your heart, what happens? Doubt creeps in to try and destroy what the Lord has planted in your heart... doubts like Will others understand my mission? Will the problems of my past invalidate me? Do I know enough? Can I finance this thing? Will my family and friends think I'm crazy? Am I crazy? And on and on the doubts can swirl in your mind. 2nd Peter 1:10 Therefore, brothers, be all the more diligent to confi

Steps Program

We are partnering with Pastor Randy Caswell at First Assemblies of God in Kankakee to bring the STEPS recovery program to our community. This isn't just for those addicted to Alcohol or Drugs, but for anyone who is addicted to Sin. By having an the freedom to say "I'm not ok" and to have someone tell you that "It's ok to be not ok, but don't stay that way" fosters a real sense of discipleship where the ongoing confession and repentance allows us to follow Jesus honestly and truthfully.

Can We Trust God To Provide What We Need?

Waiting is the hardest part. It's mid October and we still have about two weeks till we find out if we're approved by the IRS, or if there are more hoops to jump through. What's the next step in our plan? We need to raise the money to purchase land and start building. Our target is $350,000 to purchase land, build the aquaponics greenhouse and to build the shell for the farmstand. You might be thinking, "that's a lot of money!", and you'd be right, but it's not the original design. Our original design would have been closer to $800,000 but after some careful thought I knew that it would be foolish to try to dive into everything at once, so we've scaled everything back to start small and

Course Content In Development

While we're waiting for the IRS to approve our 501c3, I've been busy writing course content for The Discipleship Center. I have completed the first draft of the study notes for the book of Romans and am working on illustrations and weblinks for the bible passages now. I have also completed the first draft of a introductory course called "You Can Adult" that shows people what it's like to be a responsible and productive adult. The third course which is only in the brainstorming phase right now will be called "Be A Disciple To Make A Disciple", and it will cover topics on what salvation really is, how to share your faith, how to study the Bible on your own, how to find a good church, and other

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