Always Be Ready

As a preacher, it's easy to get discouraged when you think your messages are falling on deaf ears. I've been working with Pastor Ed Kanapple at the Gift of God Street Church for almost 4 years now, and we see all kinds of people come through our doors. People have problems. We see people ranging all the way from the recently divorced guy who lost everything, to alcohol and drug abusers, mentally ill people, runaways, and those who just have dropped out of society. It's easy to see the spiritual battle with these people because they don't bother trying to hide behind a mask... they are just a mess and theirs no hiding it. I was a mess, not all that long ago. I had my own legal problems, m

The Church's Response To The Homeless

January in the Midwest, arguably the coldest month of the year. In Kankakee, the battle over the care of the homeless is to be decided today in the city council. Fortitude Outreach is a relatively new care provider in our community, using a mobile model of care where the location is different each night, has teamed up with a local church for one of these nights. This seems reasonable right? A church who sees the needs of their community and is willing to offer their building as a temporary housing, one night a week. The problem is that the homeowners in that neighborhood have signed a petition to disallow a zoning relief which would allow them to operate as a temporary housing facility.

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