How Can You Go Back To A Place You've Never Been To?

We've all heard the sentiments before, about the person who has a "salvation experience", and then wanders in sin for years only to "return" back to Jesus later in life. I recently heard a man say that he had "accepted Jesus into his heart" when he was younger, but then left Jesus for 50 years and was now looking to "find Jesus" again. I tell you the truth, Jesus doesn't fit inside your heart, and Jesus wasn't the one who was lost. This anti-biblical view of salvation and who we are compared to who God really is, is irksome to me to say the least. This is making God out to be some passive by-stander as you come and go as you please with some notion of eternal security locked in as your in

The Joy Of Teaching

You've studied for hours over many days or weeks, you've prepared and repaired your lesson a dozen times, your PowerPoint is on point, with animations synced with your presentation, and now is the moment you've been waiting for... class time. Unfortunately, having the right information is only a third of the picture when it comes to teaching. Your actual presentation is also important. Are the words you use effective, or are you droning on and on while loosing your audience? Of course, no teacher expects to win an academy award for best lecture series, but if you are not engaging then you are wasting time. Do you ask engaging questions? Are you familiar enough with the subject material t

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