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We have two presentations meant for a church service and an adult Sunday school session.

The longer of the two sessions incorporates comedy to bring the story of Pastor Mitchel's life and how God prepared him for opening The Discipleship Center, and how the Discipleship Center is different than a rehab center, or a mental health center, or a church, or a farm, or a home and how this involves you and your church.

The shorter of the two sessions breaks down the operations of The Discipleship Center and gives the listeners a time to ask questions.

Both sessions are free, but we challenge every Christian to give a $75 one time offering to The Discipleship Center to get us underway, so that in the future when we come to visit you, it will be to tell you how everything is doing well and how the ministry is still supporting its self. 

The most important thing right now is that we get in front of as many of God's people as possible.

Click the "Book It" button to see when you can schedule us to come.

We are generally free most evenings, and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Our Services

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