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The Bible brings order to chaos in that it's everything that God wants us to know about Himself, Ourself, and the World around us.  That does not mean that God has given us the answer to every question we may have or to ever problem we may find ourself in, but He has given us enough to know how to approach the unknown in the way that He wants us to.

We all carry around burdens from things that have happened to us, or we've caused to ourself and others.  However, for some of us these burdens have become all consuming to the point that we are unable to deal with them in a healthy and balanced manner.  The loss of balance and perspective comes at a high price sometimes.  Loss of relationships, the loss of trust, the fear of rejection, the abuse of drugs and alcohol, the abuse of others in our lives, and the rejection of the beauty in life that God wants us to enjoy.


Our brand of counseling takes into account what God has said in His word, and we walk beside you to try to find the end of the dark valleys you've been wandering around in. 

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