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Farming has come a long way over the past five decades.  While paper and pen may continue to be where short term notes are taken, the value in seasonal as well as long term data can make or break a farm.

My grandpa wrote notes on the wall in his farrowing building, my dad kept notes in a notebook, and I keep notes on my PC.

Each of the databases I created work with Microsoft Access 2010 or higher, and I'm making them free to you and in an unlocked format so you can feel free to change them if you know Access.

If you do not have Microsoft Access, you may download a free runtime program for either 32 bit or 64 bit Windows computers.

Download 32 bit here

Download 64 bit here

If you want to see how the databases work, try reading the Aquaponics Database Tutorial first.



Feeder Pig


pig feed.png



Egg Production


  • Cows

Does your small farm need a database similar to the ones you see here?  Let me know and I may take up your project to add here.

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