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Go Forward

We only have 9 months to help renew the minds of our interns.  We help them start developing a biblical mindset to look at the world around them and respond in a manner worthy of a follower of Christ.

As the 9 months start coming to a close, we focus on searching for a job, finding a place to live, and finding a church to serve in.  These are all parts of being an responsible adult, and a follower of Jesus.

We work with employment agencies and housing specialists to help our interns transition from helpless to helping themselves.

For some, the job market isn't where they are headed right away.  Our hopes are that for some that they would want to further their education.  There are some colleges that we recommend that are lower cost but still worthy pursuits.

Becoming an active member at a local church is vitally important.  For nine months, we have been their essential christian community, but now they will need to find a new community to serve in.  Finding a vibrant, fundamental, bible teaching church with a missional mindset is so important.  For this reason, we try to give our interns exposure to different area churches so they can see what the difference is and why that is important to their spiritual growth in the future.



Whether it's for life direction or addiction recovery, each resident recieves the individual attention they need to succeed



"Idle hands are the devils workshop" has shown to be more than a cliche.  Productivity helps give life structure and balance.


God has given us the handbook to real success.  It's our responsibility to listen to him

Go Forward

After nine months with us, we encourage our clients to pursue work or college to go into the next step of their lives

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