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The phrase "Idle hands are the Devils workshop" may seem to be a cliche axiom, but still anecdotally true.

Work was God's design for each of us from the start, and it brings a balance and purpose to life.

At The Discipleship Center, we have a routine that fills in the time with meaningful work, counseling, bible study, and recreation.

Each morning we have a community wake up time and the early shift goes to do morning chores while the late shift has breakfast and bible study.  After the late shift starts their morning jobs, the early shift comes back for breakfast and bible study.

During the day we rotate people in and out of various jobs like managing the greenhouse, moving fence lines for pig paddocks, moving chicken tractors. working on crafts for the farm stand, managing the farm stand, delivering produce, ect.

There are time slots allotted for individual counseling sessions as well as group counseling sessions.  Additionally to this, there are learning session time slots where interns work on lessons at our online learning platform that range from how to be an adult, how to be a disciple, and an intense study of the book of Romans.

In the evenings, we have a community dinner time where we enjoy each other's company and conversation, where job issues are discussed, as well as the daily lesson is discussed.

Friday nights are also special in that we usually have a fun meal and watch a movie as a group to "break up" the routine.

Multiple times throughout the week, there may be a chapel time set for Pastor Mitchel or a guest Pastor to address the interns.

Sunday is always a special day, and as such, the routine is modified a bit to facilitate going to Church.  A minimum of early morning chores are done to take care of the animals, and a dorm inspection is done.  We will plan to attend our regular church unless we are guests at another church for a speaking engagement.

In addition to work, we also allow for some recreation during the day and in the evening where we encourage athletics, exercise, games to stimulate the mind and conversations, and reading.

What we are avoiding is things that tend to isolate people, foster cognitive distortions, or allow for unproductive activities like binge eating or television and video game watching.



Whether it's for life direction or addiction recovery, each resident recieves the individual attention they need to succeed



"Idle hands are the devils workshop" has shown to be more than a cliche.  Productivity helps give life structure and balance.


God has given us the handbook to real success.  It's our responsibility to listen to him

Go Forward

After nine months with us, we encourage our clients to pursue work or college to go into the next step of their lives

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