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So much to do

It's the middle of October 2017 and the Gift of God Street Church should almost have the Men's and Women's emergency shelter open.

While there is a need for food and housing for those in need, our main location feels more like a band-aid to help enable people who are satisfied with where they are spiritually as well as their dysfunction in society.

We will always have those who are unable to work because of their age, or health or some disability, and we will always want to help them, but there is a large number of able bodied people who have made it their full time occupation to remain dependent on others.

This is where The Discipleship Center comes in.

I had this ongoing desire to create a place in the country where people could have a safe work environment, that revolves around a aquapoincs farm and livestock production, where they can learn how to act responsibly and work with others while at the same time be saturated in a christ-like environment where their is daily bible study and prayer meetings, neuthetic counseling, as well as small group bible classes and a daily chapel time.

That sounds like a lot of work

Yeah it does! I work a regular 40 hour a week job as an IT professional, am the assistant pastor at the Gift of God Street Church and now I want to start a whole new ministry from the ground up. Please pray for me.

What am I working on now?

  • I am working with to get our non-profit organization established including our 501-c-3

  • I am shopping for a farm location

  • I am trying to find a well established aquaponics farm to partner with as I start building the farm.

  • I am working towards our Naturally Grown Certification in Aquaponics, Livestock and Produce.

  • I am trying to find a neuthetic counseling school where I might get recent graduates or post graduate students who would like to intern as counselors or get my own neuthetic counseling degree.

But what I'm working on the most is not becoming overwhelmed by all the details of this ministry.

How can you help?

The biggest help you can be for me is to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! I can't stress enough how much I need prayer for me, my wife, and our current ministry for a transition to two campuses and two different mission goals.

The second way you can help is with your money. Lets face it, nothing gets done without money. It costs money to establish your tax exempt status, it costs money to buy land, it costs money to build buildings, it costs money to bring produce to market, it costs money for so many little things here there and everywhere.

The final thing I would like you to consider is your time. There are some very talented people out there that might say, "I don't have a lot of money, but I know how to pour concrete, or I know how to put up a greenhouse, or I know how to put up fencing". While I would like to open a new property up for residents to help build the infrastructure, I am unwilling to house them in tents without adequate hygiene facilities and cooking outside over a campfire every day.

Please consider helping fund us in our current stage at our gofundme page

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