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Missions Conference

This past weekend we enjoyed a missions conference at our home church, and I was impressed by how each of the four speakers had such diverse ministries, but each had a resounding theme in their message about being called to ministry.

None of them had any mystical calling to go to specific place to do a certain thing, but all of them had a strong calling to obey the word of God.

Go therefore and make disciples. That word Go is not a direction, it's a call to action. Go now! As you are going, or wherever you are going, make disciples. Wherever you find yourself, that is where you should start obeying God's command to make disciples, baptize and teach.

The Discipleship Center is just that, it's a step in the right direction to obey God right where we are using a method that is uniquely biblical and true to the first century church.

Find out more about The Discipleship Center today at

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