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Why Pasture Raised Livestock Is Important To Climate Change

Climate change is one of the hottest topics (puns are welcome here), in politics today. While many globalists would like to see the reduction in fossil fuel usage and decrease in overall population, no one is looking seriously at why our climate is changing, or in other words, what is the root cause.

Additional carbon in our atmosphere is recorded, and we know that the burning of fossil fuel releases carbon, but the real question remains, is the burning of fossil fuel responsible for the majority of the carbon in our atmosphere or not. I am in agreement with Allan Savory that it is not the carbon emissions from our automobiles and factories, but rather the carbon loss from mismanaged soils which is the primary contributor.

Without herd animals to eat vegetation, excrete dung and urea, our grasslands must rely on bacterial / biological breakdown, and when this does not happen we are left with oxidating plants on the landscape that choke out new vegetation and leave the landscape barren. What would a world with 70% of it's land mass turning into barren desert look like? It wold look exactly like what we live in right now, with a surface that is cooler than normal at night and much warmer than normal during the day, releasing it's carbon into the air and not holding the moisture that is available during seasonal rains.

How can we stop desertification, or even reverse it? Holistic land management, or in simpler terms we must bring heard animals back to mimic nature. We need to have herd animals eating the vegetation, breaking it down into manure and trampling the land to revitalize plant growth.

No matter where you fall in the political debate on climate change, please take a few minutes to watch Allan Savoy's TED talk on this very subject.

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