Why Such High Prices?

I often get asked by people, why is the food at the farm stand and the farmers market so much more expensive than the grocery store?

Or on a similar note, I get questions on forums and facebook on, "how much is the going rate for..." and you can fill in the blank from Tilapia to Lettuce, Corn, Tomatoes, Eggs, ect.

There are two aspects I want to talk about that go into pricing your produce.

1. You're not comparing apples to apples.

Let's take eggs for example. If you factor in quality organic chicken feed, the time it takes to move your chicken tractors each morning, hand collecting eggs, packaging, and the replacement cost of these birds every two years, plus a profit margin of at least 20%, you have to charge at least $5 - $6 for a dozen. Meanwhile at the mega-chicken-factory, they have 200,000 birds in one warehouse sitting in little 2x2 cages with their beaks cut off, living a miserable existence eating a chicken feed with a formaldehyde based binder, never seeing the light of day, but the chicken-factory can crank out more eggs at a lower cost and they can afford to sell them for less than $1 a dozen.

What's the difference? Chickens are meant to scratch and forage for seeds and bugs and succulent green

plants, to take in the sunshine and produce vitamin D, not live in a swealteringly hot warehouse never being able to move and having their beaks removed so they don't attack the other chickens or break their own eggs so their offspring won't have to live in these unnatural conditions.

There is a fine line between worshiping nature and abusing nature, and that is where the responsible farmer comes in. We give animals the chance to live out their lives in the way God created them, and then harvest them responsibly. Same as with our vegetable production. We don't rely on