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Of Donkeys and Elephants

It's the day after Election 2018. I've checked last nights results and while I'm happy with my local township, I'm disappointed with my state over all.

However, the decisions made yesterday only inconvenience me, they do not shake me.

At The Discipleship Center, we do not train people towards one political party or the other, but instead we train them to think biblicaly, and to take personal responsibility for themselves, and then to think of the needs of others.

Stop for one second and think back through all the elections you have lived through for one moment. Do you personally ever remember a candidate who did anything for you personally? Has any of their decisions radically changed your life? Has an tax increase or decrease changed your standard of living radically? Has any government program allowed you to move from one socio-economic tier to the next one? While I've found some politicians to have a similar mindset as I do, they are offset by other politicians who think radically different than I do. Our political system, just as our legal system, is not about what is right, or what is fair, but more about shady backroom deals, money, greed, power, favors, and basically what is good for the politicians.

We must never place our trust in donkeys and elephants. Why? Because they are corrupt men at their core and will never be anything more. Why get upset at election results? When the majority of people are godless heathens, and they vote for godless heathens, you end up with a godless heathen system... how can you be surprised? People want to enjoy their short meaningless lives. They don't want to be bothered by an unwanted pregnancy, they want to indulge in drugs and alcohol, they want to work less or not at all, they want the government to set their standard of living despite their lack of contribution.

Who can we place our trust in and never be abandoned? Jesus Christ, he's the candidate who has my unwavering allegiance. There is coming a day when Jesus comes back, not as a baby, not to hang on a cross, but to take over the world. In that day there will be no elections, no debates, and no opposition party. Jesus will ride out of heaven with all of his followers behind him onto the plain of Meggedo, and everyone who is left to oppose him will square off, and with one word they will all be destroyed. No snowflakes to howl in misery on the streets and in the coffee shops, no senseless riots and protests on the university campuses, no stopping traffic, no snarky youtube videos, nothing... with one word they will be destroyed and their blood will splatter as high as a horses bridle. You may find this offensive, which is normal for those who find themselves in opposition to God, but we will enjoy 1000 years of worldwide peace at that time.

If you're tired of being let down by Donkeys and Elephants, then it's time you started relying on the Lion of Judah.

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