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Why The Farm?

Farming is a place where you can see the circle of life, the birth, the growth, the maturity and the harvest, all as the seasons go by.

This is how the gospel is presented and how the church grows as well.

prepairing soil.PNG

We are spending a lot of time, preparing a place that is optimum for learning, and free from the distractions of the world so that as we disciple, or teach, especially about Gods plan of peace for mankind through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, that those who hear will have time to think about what God has to say and how it impacts their life.


The seeds that we plant aren't "new seeds", but the same seeds of truth that have always been planted.  Man is born into sin, and is an active participant in sin and the penalty for that sin is an eternity in hell.  The good news is that God loved us enough that he was willing to send his son to pay the punishment that we never fully could and that sacrifice made a way for us to be saved.


There is nothing fancy about how the seeds of truth are planted.  Anyone who will listen can hear the message, and whether they are ready for that message now or not, the seeds may still sprout at a later time when we aren't expecting them to.


There are things that we can't control in the process of discipleship, things like the ability to understand or the willingness to repent.  These are things that we pray to God for, that he would send his Holy Spirit to open the eyes of those who are in spiritual darkness and convict them of their sin and  their need for a savior.


As a young sprout, our new disciples will be given some basic bible teaching, along with other basic life skills.  We want to encourage our new disciples or students to learn about the things around them, not just facts, but learn to ask "why" and to grasp the bigger meanings of things.

immature plant.PNG

As our new disciples grow, we want to address issues that may "stunt" their growth.  These things are sins, the things that miss the mark of what God intends for our life, the things that cause us not to follow Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and it's these things that cause us so many problems and unintended consequences in our life.  We want to help our disciples identify these issues and prune them so they will grow to be mature. 

mature plant.PNG

Finally we want our disciples to become mature in Jesus Christ so they can return to the world with a new life, a new way of looking at things, a new way of handling things.  Our goal is to equip them with the ability and desire to function as an active member in a local church, and their community and to be an ambassador for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

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