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For each applicant there is a cost associated to keep them housed, fed, clothed, and trained in the classroom as well as on the job.  While we absorb much of the cost, we ask parents or churches for a suggested donation* to help us with some basic starting costs.

Because we are a charity and we believe in our program, we do not turn applicants away based on ability or inability to donate.** 


We ask every applicant to submit the following as the initial step in applying for our program…

  1. A letter of recommendation from your home church Senior or Associate pastor telling us about the relationship they have with you.

  2. A three paragraph or greater essay telling your story, what you expect to gain by your stay at The Discipleship Center and what receiving an exception to our normal fee would mean to you.

No Money Will Be Needed During Your Stay

Once you are accepted into our program you will not need any more money during your stay, in fact, if you read our intake policy, any money brought with you will be sealed up with the other “unnecessary” items and stored until you leave the program.


* Our suggested donation is $500 which will help with providing clothing, uniforms, toiletries, shoes, linens, food, shelter, and transportation.

** Applicants that would otherwise qualify for our program but are unable to contribute with donations WILL NOT be turned away.

Statement of Charity Policy

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