How To Handle Conflict

Conflicts are a part of everyday life. When I wake up in the morning there can be conflicts at home. When I go to work, there is conflict at the office. When I go to church, there is conflict there. When I go to the store, there is conflict there. When I go to the mission, there is conflict there. Everywhere I turn, there is conflict. Unfortunately, nobody thinks about how they will handle a conflict until they are in the middle of the battle and tempers flare, things are said, inappropriateness has already occurred, and not one thought as to how God would have his children conduct themselves has happened. Even in ministry, where people are united for a common goal, when the stress of

Can You Make Money From Meat Chickens?

I've already talked about making money off of eggs, but what about chickens for meat? I'm a big fan of low feed to weight conversion animals, and you can't beat chickens. Pound for pound, there is no other farm animal that can beat chickens feed conversion, and one of the best converters is the Cornish Cross breed. While I'm a fan of heritage breeds in general, this cross breed chicken has a conversion rate of 3.5 to 1 which is very impressive. So before we get down to the numbers, you will need to consider your setup and the costs associated with it. If you get straight run chickens, you'll need a place to incubate the eggs and then keep them warm and safe to start them out before taking

Why Faith Based Rehabilitation?

There is one thing that all addictions have in common. Isolation and loneliness. For many who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, overeating, pornography, gambling, any many other addictions, they are all alone. We get into addictive behavior because we don't want to be alone anymore, so we succumb to peer pressure, or we try something new to alleviate pain, boredom, or emptiness. While our pleasure / reward center may be temporarily stimulated, we are short circuiting our natural reward system and before we know it we have to feed and increase our addiction to just maintain a sense of satisfaction. Rehabilitation To address addiction through rehabilitation, there are only two premises that yo

Not All Eggs Are Created Equal

I was talking to someone about the eggs at the farmers market where they sell for $5 - $6 a dozen, and I the question came up, "why would I spend $5 on eggs when I can get them for $.75 to $1 at the supermarket?" That's a great question, and the answer is because not all eggs are created equally. Factory Egg Production Remember that farms are businesses and as such need to turn a profit. When you see those cheap, uniform size and color, eggs at the store, you have to realize that the way factory egg production keeps it's costs down is by using substandard feeds, limit the space available per hen, and use artificial lighting to increase the egg production cycle. Substandard feed Here’s the i

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