Depression, Satan's Silent Weapon

It's Winter here in the Midwest, a time when there is less sunlight, the weather turns colder, and for many a season of melancholy comes over us. For many of us, we have learned to balance these feelings in our life, but for others this aggravates a series of issues already causing depression. Before I begin, I know that there are some medical conditions for depression such as Diabetes, insomnia, hypothyroidism, other glandular problems. If your depression is caused or aggravated by a medical condition, please seek the help of a medical doctor. However, “Spiritual depression” is rooted in a spiritual issue. We describe this as a slippery slope that has four distinct levels spiraling emotio

My Pastor, A Real Man

Every year, around Thanksgiving, I write an article about men in my life who have shaped who I am, who I admire, and who I strive to emulate. I met Dwight Ascher during a very difficult time in my life while I was in the middle of a divorce and I was struggling to follow Jesus. Pastor Ascher knew about my past, being a friend of my parents, and he never looked down at me as if I were less of a person or a second class Christian. It was when I joined Grace Baptist Church where he was the associate pastor at that time, when I met my current wife Lauri. Dwight treated her as a sibling and cared for her when she felt all alone, away from her family, and still being single in her thirties. It

Of Donkeys and Elephants

It's the day after Election 2018. I've checked last nights results and while I'm happy with my local township, I'm disappointed with my state over all. However, the decisions made yesterday only inconvenience me, they do not shake me. At The Discipleship Center, we do not train people towards one political party or the other, but instead we train them to think biblicaly, and to take personal responsibility for themselves, and then to think of the needs of others. Stop for one second and think back through all the elections you have lived through for one moment. Do you personally ever remember a candidate who did anything for you personally? Has any of their decisions radically changed you

Don't pour out your best for everyone

We are starting to look at 1st and 2nd Timothy at the homeless shelter, and as I started the book, I noticed how Paul refers to Timothy as his "true child in the faith", and to explain this to people who have not grown up in church I had to do a brief history on Paul and Timothy. Paul came in contact with hundreds and thousands of people on his journey, and out of all those people there were fellow Christians, and out of those there were fellow ministers and missionaries, all precious in their own way to Paul. Timothy, however, was in a different category with Paul. Timothy had something about his character and his faith that caught the attention of the local church in Lystra and Iconium an

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