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Update to the Farm Tools

If you haven't already checked out our free farm tools databases, head over to our website and click on the farm tab and choose farm tools.

Why would I bother to program these databases and give them out for free? Because the less time you spend in the office means more time you spend in the yard, and the more time in the yard means more dollars in your pocket.

I could easily sell these databases for $50 a piece, or at least $20 a piece and people would think they were getting a steal, but I would rather offer this as a gesture of goodwill to the small farming community. Of course if you find the software helpful and would like to make a donation then I would very much appreciate it.

Remember that you deserve to make a living wage, and the only way you'll know that is if you can track your productivity, your expenses, and your sales to determine if you are making enough of a profit to support your family. If not you'll need to evaluate if this is because your prices need to be adjusted or if you need to increase the amount of sales.

I wish each of you well in your pursuit of providing natural, delicious and nutritious food for your family and community.

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